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Dust Control Booth - Cartridge Filter

Features & Benefits

  • Modular, Expandable: Modules can be easily added as your dust collection needs grow.
  • Self-contained System: Eliminates costly ductwork and the need for a separate dust collection system; units can be configured in multiple arrangements depending on collection and filtration requirements.
  • Full 8-ft. Working Height: Provides large, comfortable working environment for optimum productivity.
  • Double-Insulated Sound Panels: Prevents noise from disrupting other plant operations, reduces worker fatigue.
  • Dust-Resistant Light Fixtures: Provides optimum visibility, encourages productivity.
  • 5 HP Direct-drive Blower: Improves collection efficiency, increases reliability.
  • High Efficiency Filter Media: Compact, high-density cartridge filter provides maximum effectiveness; filter changes easily without tools.
  • Industry’s Largest Inlet Grille Area: Keeps contaminants away from workers’ breathing zone; diffuser design reduces air velocity, reducing operating costs and premature filter loading.
  • Large-volume Dust Drawers: Provides for high-volume collection, extends maintenance cycles.
  • Vibra-Pulse® Filter Cleaning System: Cleans filters 75% more effectively than reverse pulse systems.
  • Auto-Clean Off-line Filter Cleaning: Automatically cleans filters when unit is shut off.
  • Regulator


  • Pressure Gauge Kit: Indicates when filters require cleaning.
  • Custom Cartridge Media: For specific applications.
  • After-Filters: 99.97% HEPA, 95% DOP, and odor-control modules.
  • Welding Package Kit: Includes special cartridges and non-reflective inlet.
  • Regain Air Design: Unique push/pull air flow pattern increases collection efficiency.
  • Manual Vibra-Pulse® Filter Cleaning Replaces automatic cleaning systems.


  • Construction: 16 ga. powder coated steel cabinet, double insulated steel panels
  • Blower Pkg (HP): 5.0 (per unit)
  • Noise Level (dBA): 79
  • Electrical: 5.0 HP - 208/230/460/3/60, 13-12/6 amps, std.; 5.0 HP - 190/380/3/50, 15.4/7.7 amps.
  • Nominal Air Flow (CFM): DCB-1: 4500, DCB-2: 9000, DCB-3: 13,500, DCB-4: 18,000, DCB-5: 22,500, DCB-6: 27,000
  • Weight (lbs.): Consult factory


  • Height: 8.00'
  • Depth: 8.00'
  • Width: DCB-1: 6.00', DCB-2: 8.00', DCB-3: 12.00', DCB-1: 6.00', DCB-2: 8.00', DCB-3: 12.00', DCB-4: 16.00', DCB-5: 20.00', DCB-6: 24.00'
  • Consult factory for other available unit dimensions.
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