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Telescoping Arm

Features & Benefits

  • Telescoping Adjustment: Add up to 40% more arm reach and collection area when arm is fully extended. Simplify storage or close-area collection when arm is retracted.
  • 10-inch Diameter Inlet Hood with 360° Flange Handle: Large, steel capture hood optimizes collection efficiency. Full circumference handle eases user positioning of the arm.
  • 360° Collection Area: Complete base joint rotation ensures efficient collection within a 360° area from the drop. Arm lift reaches 70° from the down position.
  • Versatile Installation: Universal wall- or duct-mount bracket easily installs to existing filtration unit, boom arm, or ductwork.


  • Adjustable Air Flow Damper: Increases operating efficiency; regulate air flow levels and blower usage based on application-specific need.
  • White Hose, Hood, and Mounting Bracket: UL-rated hose and coordinated components work to enhance facility cleanliness and appearance in non-corrosive environments.
  • Static-free Hose: Reduce possible static shock of personnel and work pieces; speed maintenance, minimize particulate retention to the hose.
  • Light Kit: 35 watt, 115 volt halogen light kit improves worker visibility. Hood-mounted on-off switch eases access and operation.
  • Intake Guard: Protect ducting and the blower unit from over-sized debris, such as rags and plastic sheeting that could hinder the efficient operation of the system.
  • Exhaust Blower Units: Multiple blower units are available, from .75 HP up to 7.5 HP, depending on the application. Consult your representative for recommendations.


  • Construction: Steel tubes and components; E-Z View clear flex hose.
  • Arm Lengths: 3 ft. (4 ft. extended), 3.5 ft. (5 ft. extended), 4.5 ft. (7 ft. extended).
  • Tube Diameters: 4" and 6"
  • Blower Packages (HP): .75, 1.5, 3.0, 5.0, 7.5
  • Nominal Air Flow: 450 to 850 CFM
  • Weight: 4TS4 - 5 lbs., 4TS5 - 7 lbs., 4TS7 - 9 lbs., 6TS4 - 12 lbs., 6TS5 - 14 lbs., 6TS7 - 16 lbs.
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