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Features & Benefits

  • Patented friction release pawl-and-sprocket design: Engages positively when positioned, yet offers no resistance when removed.
  • 7-, 10-, or 14-foot lengths: Provides for high-volume collection with maximum reach.
  • Strong HDPE flat base joint: Easy to install; HDPE bearing material works to seal base without collars or fittings.
  • Large 13-in. dia. inlet hood with 360° flange handle: Easier hood positioning than single-handle designs.
  • Durable rounded duct constructed of 21-ga. aluminum: Withstands industrial use, yet lightweight for easy operation. Powder coated inside and outside.
  • Hi-Flow spiral wire-reinforced hose. Provides superior strength and resistance to sparks and embers.


  • 65 Watt Halogen Light Kit: Improves worker visibility and productivity.
  • Damper: Shut off air flow when not in use.
  • Blowers: Several sizes available.
  • Silencer: Reduces air flow noise for quieter operation.
  • Wall Brackets: Maximizes installation versatility.
  • Adjustable Height Floor Stand: Maximum height of 120 inches adds installation versatility.
  • Filtration Units: HEPA, cartridge, and odor-control filter systems available based on application.
  • Boom Extensions: System includes steel boom arm, boom arm wall bracket, tube kit, flex hose, and one transition to 8-in. dia..


  • Construction: 21 ga. aluminum tube with spiral wire-reinforced Hi-Flow hose
  • Arm Lengths: 7 ft. (E-Z Arm® 7E07) , 10 ft. (E-Z Arm® 7E10), 14 ft. (E-Z Arm® 7E14)
  • Blower Pkgs (HP): .75, 1.5, 3.0, 5.0, 7.5
  • Nominal Air Flow (CFM): 600 to 1500
  • Weight (lbs.): E-Z Arm® 7E07 - 36 lbs., E-Z Arm® 7E10 - 40 lbs., E-Z Arm® 7E14 - 45 lbs.
E-Z Arm
6.75" Diameter

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