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Features & Benefits

  • 95% Collection Efficiency at 1 to 4 Microns: Designed specifically for oil mist, the Airflow Systems, Inc.® MistPlus® II filter provides up to 95% filtration efficiency of 1 to 4 micron mist droplets. The proprietary, V-shaped filter design aids in drainage of collected mist; extending filter life.
  • MERV 14 Collection Efficiency: (2) MERV 14 rated after-filters provides an additional contaminant barrier. Collection efficiency is increased; filter life is extended.
  • Sealed Cabinet Construction: 16/18 gauge steel, seam-sealed cabinet eliminates contaminant escape common with stitch-welded or bolt-on panel designs.
  • Ultra-seal® Filter Placement System: Ensures quick and accurate filter replacement; eliminates contaminant bypass of filters, reduces equipment and facility maintenance.
  • Low-profile Cabinet Design: Horizontal orientation allows for installation directly above the machine tool-even in low ceiling applications; saves floor space, simplifies filter access.
  • Superior Liquid Drainage: 10-inch bottom inlet and 2-inch deep sump enable high-volume, 24-hour, 7-day operation; no manual handling of liquids.
  • Extended Filter Life, Reduced Maintenance: MistPlus® II filter design reduces dirt loading and filter maintenance; extending filter life up to two years.
  • Direct-Drive Blower: Energy-efficient; superior air flow and higher static pressure operation; no belts or pulleys to replace, acoustic-lined cabinet.


  • Pressure Gauge Kit: Monitors air pressure at inlet for reduced static pressure; indicates need for filter cleaning, ensures optimum energy efficiency.
  • High-efficiency and Application-specific After Filters: Including: 99.97% HEPA or MERV 14 rated, rigid-style, washable cartridge filters.
  • Source Capture Plenum: Add high-efficiency source-point collection or ducting; plenum attachment simplifies connectivity of ducts or collection arms.
  • Drain Loop Kit: Simplifies collection and reclamation of captured oil mist while providing drain line air seal.
  • Side Panel Inlet: Adaptable to virtually any facility or equipment configuration, side panel inlets simplify system installation and start up.


  • Construction: 16/18 gauge, zinc-coated, welded steel cabinet; powder coated finish.
  • Blower Packages (HP): 1.0 std., .50 opt.
  • Noise Level (dBA): 77.5
  • Electrical: 1.0 HP - 115/1/60, 12 amps, std.
    1.0HP � 208-230/460/3/60, 3.7-3.6/1.8 amps, opt.
    .50 HP - 115/1/60, 7.2 amps, opt.
    .50 HP - 208-230/460/3/60, 2.7-2.6/1.3 amps, opt.
  • Nominal Air Flow (CFM): 1,000/500
  • Weight (lbs.): 191
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